Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide safe shelter, food, and resources towards self sufficiency for homeless
members of our community and surrounding counties.
We believe that all people deserve basic necessities of life, and we have been called to this purpose.
Core Values
Our Core Values inform and direct decisions concerning
client services, operations and community relations.
Housing First
We believe homelessness is intolerable, preventable, and solvable. Homelessness is solved primarily by re-housing families quickly and appropriately, and providing limited follow up to support housing stability.
We passionately pursue preventing and ending homelessness, creating innovative solutions, and embracing challenges.

Our programs produce proven re-housing results for
client families. We continually develop new strategies for improving the effectiveness of our services.
We create connections among our donors, funders, supporters, employees, volunteers, clients, and peer providers to energize our commitment to ending homelessness.
We respect the dignity, value and potential of all types of families, and work to empower and educate client families to improve their lives.
Investment in Children
We invest in children to improve our community’s future,
and to break the cycle of inter-generational homelessness.
Organizational Strength
We are a stable, sustainable, cost-efficient, pragmatic,
and financially well-managed organization.